About Pink Sky

Hi there! I’m Christine Olson, founder and owner of Pink Sky Creative, LLC. I have a passion for helping small businesses succeed by establishing an effective online presence. I take pride in delivering high-quality websites, videos, and social media services, and I strive to build long-term business relationships through my emphasis on customer service and integrity. I want you to love your designs, and I promise to work with you until we are both satisfied with the results.

Christine Olson - Pink Sky Creative

My Story

More years ago than I would like to admit (alright… 25, OK?) with a business degree in IT and several years of corporate experience, I chose to become a full-time mom to my two boys. I loved being able to stay home with my kiddos, but I had also loved my job and I missed the challenge of creating something new, spending time with co-workers and clients, and the confidence that accompanied all that.

So, after the boys went to bed at night, I started learning about the brave new world of the internet. Back in the 90s, businesses were just starting to discover the benefits of a website, but unless they were related to a technology whiz-kid, they didn’t really know how to go about getting one. My intention was to start slow and just take on one or two projects at a time, but life had other plans and before I knew it, word-of-mouth had brought me as much work as I could comfortably handle.

The boys
The boys
The girls
The girls

As my online skills grew, I took on more challenging work and added several clients whose sites needed a lot of back-end processing: database integration, shopping carts, payment processing, and user-update interfaces, all custom coded.

Fast-forward a number of years… my kids were growing up too fast (there were four of them now!) and involved in sports and other activities that I wanted to be present for. So I found a 9-5 and, somewhat regretfully, put my business behind me. However, my new position involved website design, video, online marketing, and client interaction – all of the things I loved about my business, combined with the opportunity to learn new skills on the job, with the bonus of having evenings and weekends available for my family!

Which brings us to the present. The kids have grown into adults that I am insanely proud of, and the time just seems right to venture out again on my own. The online landscape is radically different from the first time, and businesses’ digital needs have changed and evolved. What remains the same, however, is my ability to thrive on new challenges, my passion for quality (bordering on obsession, really), and my desire to work with businesses to build an online presence that will help them reach their goals.

If any of this resonates with you, please reach out, and let’s see if we are a good fit to work together on your online project.

Wishing you all the best,


At Pink Sky Creative, our mission is to empower small businesses to launch and grow through the creation of an effective online presence.

Why I love small business:

  • In a world filled with large, impersonal corporations, small, local businesses need a champion.
  • Understanding local business is in my DNA. I grew up working for my father in his chain of independent hardware stores in Madison, Wisconsin.
  • Small businesses have more freedom for creativity and can adapt more quickly to changing needs.

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