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Pink Sky Creative has completed a variety of projects in the past year, including logo design, websites, videos, brochures, and more. Take a look below to see some of our favorites.
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Web site - Ann Marie Borgardt

Ann Marie Borgardt is a career coach, life guide, and mentor, who provides her clients with coaching and resources to help them discover the possibilities that await them in their careers and lives. Pink Sky Creative was hired to help get her business started online.

We used Kajabi as a platform for her website, as it allowed her to sell online coaching services and resources, conduct virtual meetings, easily communicate with her clients, and more. Advanced website features included:

  • Landing and offer pages.
  • Automatic emails for each step of the customer journey.
  • Checkout customizations.
  • Interfaces with several third-party providers such as Shopify, Stripe, Calendly, and more.

Pink Sky also provided:

  • Social media page setup and posting strategies.
  • Videos.
  • Original photography.
Website - Project Maria

Project Maria is a non-profit organization formed in 2016 in response to the death of Maria Dorn, a young woman who struggled with anorexia. Pink Sky was brought on board to perform a brand redesign with the goals of updating the look and making the site responsive. As part of the project, we also created a new logo, updated social media pages, and designed printed brochures to hand out at public events and speaking engagements.

The main purpose of the Project Maria website is to provide information, resources, and support to individuals with all types of eating disorders and their families, friends, and communities. Features of the website include:

  • Events calendar.
  • Live social media feed.
  • Sortable and filterable resource listings.

Pink Sky also provided:

  • Social media page updates.
  • Logo design.
  • Print design and layout for brochures, flyers, and posters.


This type of video has instructive and educational content that is both highly shareable and easy to retain. Explainer and informational videos are good for educating your audience about topics related to your brand, product, or service.


Video is an essential channel for marketers. The best video content tells stories that connect with the viewer. Attention-grabbing video is highly-effective for a variety of uses, including broadcast or streaming TV, social media, web pages, paid placements, and more.


Whether it’s telling a story or selling a product, animated characters can enrich virtually all genres of video content. The most clear-cut purpose of character animation is to communicate well and reach the most people. Animated characters create highly share-worthy content, and can encourage employee engagement and helpful feedback from customers. Animated characters are perfect for educational videos, both in the classroom and the workplace.

Logo Reveals

Logo reveal videos – also known as logo stings or stingers – are a great way to build your brand. They can be used as intros or outros for your other videos, or as a stand-alone brief ad spot. Revealing a logo via animation is a technique that’s been making brands unforgettable for decades.


This is a video genre that is quickly becoming hugely popular. This video style combines animated text with dynamic visual elements, coordinating colors, attention-getting transitions, and music to capture viewers’ attention. Typography videos are widely used for intros, to highlight important points, and to keep a viewer’s attention.

Project Maria - brochure and logo

Project Maria

In addition to redesigning its website, Pink Sky Creative continues to do additional work for Project Maria. Shown above is the logo restyle and a brochure we created.

West Virginia Wesleyan College Strength and Conditioning

West Virginia Wesleyan College

When the Strength & Conditioning program at WVWC contacted us for a design to use on t-shirts that would be sold for a department fundraiser, we were happy to create something that would align with both their existing branding and the sense of power and toughness they wanted to portray.

Cheddarhead Credit Union print items

Cheddarhead Credit Union

Cheddarhead Credit Union is a fictitious name for a real financial institution. These are a few examples of the large amount of design work performed for them. Shown on the right are the consumer and business versions of their credit card, and the image at the left is the cover of a brochure describing their services.

Piggy Bank print items

Piggy Bank

Piggy Bank is a fictitious name for a real financial institution. These are a few examples of the large amount of design work performed for them. Shown at the top are the consumer and business versions of their credit card, and the image at the bottom is an example of a promotional item that is used for a printed flyer, the website, online marketing, and the digital signs at branch locations.

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